Restoring a 1915 Colonial Revival house

Our house sits on a little over half an acre. A fairly rare lot size for Baltimore city. The yard is full of mature oaks, poplars, and maples that give plenty of shade in summer. There are also numerous smaller trees and bushes such as dogwoods, azaleas, and evergreens. You can tell that this yard was very well maintained until the last couple of years. With a little work, it will look really nice again. We'll probably start working on the yard a little next spring.

Since most of the other pictures of our house are from the front, we'll start the tour of our yard out back. As much as we love our house, I really feel that more style could have been put into the back, but it may have intentionally been left this way so additions could be built on to the house without affecting the overall design. According to the family of the previous owner, there was a second story porch on the back that was removed in the 1960s. If you look at the left on the second story, you'll see the location of the door that accessed the porch marked by shingles that don't match that on the rest of the house with a piece of white trim above.

That aside, the back yard is very spacious. There is currently a chain link fence behind the house that was once a dog pen. We'll be getting rid of this once we get to working on the yard. Right now, with the fence in place, it make the yard feel like it's been chopped up into sections.

While we're still right behind the house, there's the remnants of an old stone patio area right off the back of the side porch. We assume this was a sitting area during summer months as an alternative to the porch. It obviously hasn't been used or maintained in years.  We'll probably clean it up a little and leave it like it is. It'll be a nice place to sit during warm weather.

There are a number of brick and stone pillars such as this one in the back yard. All are old, possibly from the same era of the house. We're guessing they originally were pedestals for a statue, sundial, or perhaps a birdbath. We may end up using them for this purpose when we get to landscaping the yard.

Here's another view of the back yard with the garage off to the left and another stone pillar. The chain link fence is the other side of the dog pen that's going away.

Here's a view from the back of the yard looking toward the back of the house The yard has a downhill slope to it, part of which has been terraced for a garden.

Here's the yard behind the garage. There's a lot that needs cutting back here.

Here's the unpaved portion of the driveway leading to the garage.

More to come this spring!